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Hair Extensions with Quikkies Secrets Tapes

HM Hair Extensions Secrets

Invisible Hair Extensions with Secrets Tapes

HM hair extension quikkies secrets

Invisible Secrets hair extensions can be used for fine & thin hair and close to the hair line.

Hair Extensions with #iNSPOS Tapes

HM Hair extensions #inspos

#iNSPOS hair extensions are made for your curling iron. The Styling will outlast any other extension.

Hair Extensions with Quikkies Tapes

HM hair extensions tape extension

Quikkies hair extensions are comfortable to wear and quick to fix.

How it works


For your privacy the consultation is facilitated 1-on-1

HM HAIR extension salon consultation free

Your hair will be tested, the color, length, volume and styling plus maintenance explained.


The exclusive hair extensions are bonded to your own hair

HM Hair extensions salon visit

For special occasions or styling wishes we offer several custom solutions.


The result is velvety soft, supple hair extensions for you

HM HAIR extensions salon result

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